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I am not going to recount at length my attendance at ballet-classes during my pre-school years and other similar historical unimportances. I was born a dancer. Dance attracts me in all its forms and I have always felt that the moments I am happiest are those when I am dancing. My pragmatic surroundings always supported me in my passion to dance – but only as a hobby! Since “you should earn your living by something more practical and not so insecure as dancing”. After finishing my degree in economics, I have realized that it is not true. And finally I have decided to make dancing play one of the most important roles in my life. What a great decision.

If you are really interested in my dance education - my full dance resume and work references are available upon request via email.

Hire a professional Belly Dancer to light up your event or party.
Visit the gallery page for photos and videos. A typical show is between 10 – 25 minutes. Performance can consists some of following styles:

Classical Egyptian Style and Drum solo

This elegant cabaret style includes of grand entrance with veil, followed by slow sensual part and traditional folkloric section. Drum solo part is very popular by the audience. Drum song interpretation by dynamic dance full of shimmies and accents.

Fantasy Bellydance

Modern, entertaining and mystical dance. Isis wings, Fan Veils, Sword or candles may be used as a prop.

Fire Show

Beautiful and sensual bellydance with candles brings the right oriental mood to your event. Not interested in classical bellydancing? Amaze your guests with a fire performance. Dynamic fire show with poi to modern fast music is a great choice for your party. Please be aware for this option you must provide suitable space for work with fire.

Audience participation

When appropriate, the show may include audience particpitaion. Dance shows are always family-friendly. Kids are more than welcome..

"When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat."

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